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  • Type Renovation / Addition
  • Services Architecture, Graphics, Interiors
  • Size 2,000 SF
  • Budget $500,000

The Challenge

Jim Yergey is a retired chemist with a passion for complex double IPAs and refreshing blonde ales. He dreamt of opening a nano-brewery and found suitable space in a cement block structure near a public storage facility. Yergey wanted a friendly, welcoming tasting room and space to brew favorites and invent new recipes. With a successful brewery just a short walk away, Yergey knew his brand and building had to be distinct. Alloy5 was tasked with creating the Yergey Brewing brand and ensuring that it thematically carried throughout the building and online.

Our Approach

The team’s architectural concept put brewing equipment at the forefront of the design. Polished metal tanks line the perimeter of the tasting room like beakers and flasks on a chemistry lab shelf. Large roll-up garage doors can be left open in warm weather.

Design Solution

Green and gold — the colors of ripe hops and fresh brews — flow inside and outside the space, including a deep green awning and bright yellow wall. The brewery’s logo puts hops and wheat inside a container shaped like Yergey’s old chemical bond drawings. The team developed several icons around the brand which are used on the brewery’s website as well as on glassware, T-shirts, and coasters.