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  • Type Renovation / Addition
  • Services Architecture, Interiors
  • Budget $11.3 Million

The Challenge

Based on the Great Law of the Iroquois Confederacy, Seven Generations is a public charter school established to engage students with sustainable living, environmental stewardship and respect for the planet and all living things. With 300 students, the school was in need of more space to expand educational programming. Administration officials and the board of trustees eyed a 58,000-square-foot abandoned former publishing house corporate headquarters building to explore as a potential site.

Our Approach

To focus on the sustainable mission and vision of Seven Generations, Alloy5 was tasked with not only incorporating new eco-friendly products and infrastructure, but to preserve and restore as much of the existing character of the building to create a sustainable and lively “forever home” for their expanding K-8 program.

Design Solution

To keep up with the school’s curriculum of students getting outdoors every day, the design required durability. Community “hubs” were created at communal sinks for students to wash up after outdoor learning. With sustainability as a top priority, working with the existing building materials was essential to minimize the project’s carbon footprint. Existing concrete floors, natural wood, and existing brick were mixed with new sustainable materials and pops of color to create a vibrant forever home.

The sustainable products and design intents allow our students to not only learn about environmental stewardship but live in a building that reflects our mission and vision. live in a building that reflects our mission and vision Amanda Cossman, Principal – Seven Generations Charter School