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  • Type New Construction
  • Services Architecture, Interiors
  • Budget $28 Million
  • Size 25,000 SF, 12,500 SF

The Challenge

With roots nearly as deep as the trees in Penn’s woods, Northampton Township has a long history of serving residents with a strong sense of civic responsibility. Even the most modern developments are never far from history and dotted everywhere throughout the township are reminders of its proud past. The township needed two new fire stations, Station No. 3 and 73. In order to be economical in costs, similar designs would be effective, however, both being located in different parts of town presented challenges to ensure they blended in with their surroundings.

Our Approach

Station No. 3’s proximity to the linear municipal campus along Township Road presents an opportunity to use the site as a gateway entrance. Our design incorporates a traditional fire tower on this side of the building as well as a new feature wall. The combination will draw the eye of vehicular travelers and bring recognition to the campus.

Sitting at the intersection of East Holland and Old Jordan roads, Station No. 73 neighbors a residential development to the northeast and an elementary school and middle school to the south. Fire stations have a typically large mass as large garage bays are needed for rescue vehicles. The challenge here is to scale Station No. 73 to fit the neighborhood. There is no need for a looming corner presence; rather, design here takes residential influence in the balance of roofline and entryway.

Design Solution

Station No. 3, the larger of the two stations, includes a large entry lobby with a display case for the municipal’s memorabilia, office space, sleeping bunks, and a large day room with a communal table and seating area. Black and white finishes are interrupted with pops of red. Wood accents warm the facility for staff working night shifts. The smaller, but efficient Station No. 73 shares similar traits to Station No. 3, both in finishes and programming. The exterior brick and slender windows blend with the residential community. Durable and neutral interiors allow for low maintenance.