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The Challenge

Learn, lead, achieve, succeed. Taken from the district’s mission statement the four words have become a motto for Dallas School District. Teachers and staff are driven to provide excellence in education to inspire all of the district’s 2,700 students. As the district worked on making improvements, they saw an opportunity for branding to improve as well.

Our Approach

The motto, mission statement and accompanying vision statement were created during Dallas’s annual comprehensive planning process – a collaborative effort amongst 25 members of the administration, faculty, and stakeholders. With the release of the plan, Dallas saw an opportunity to rebrand the district and help communicate its vision to the public.

Design Solution

The new logo consists of a collegiate-style, three-dimensional D in the district’s signature Carolina blue sitting against a light gray mountain silhouette as a nod to the Back Mountain region of Luzerne County. A logo package of 11 assets includes a seal and variants for letterhead, business cards and a variety of print and web applications.