Paxinosa Elementary School

Paxinosa Elementary School

Easton, PA

Built in the 1920’s as Easton High School and converted to a middle school in the 1970’s, the school was again converted to elementary in the early 2000’s. The repeated conversions left current students with an awkward place to learn. Orange lockers blocked hallways while water fountains needed step stools. Former home-ec classrooms remained unused and unchanged and a waste of valuable space.

Easton Area School District
Architecture, Branding, Interiors
Square Footage
130,000 SF
$2 Million ACE Grant
Matt Wargo,
Steve Wolf
One of the most important aspects of this project was to revitalize this building and revitalize it with the young learner in mind.”
Superintendent John Reinhart

Alloy5’s plan began with a question: what does a modern school need? The building must be a safe, welcoming environment that is stimulating to creativity and fosters a sense of community. Alloy5’s design approach was to enhance the existing features of the school, modernize the building and bring the facility into the 21st century.

Major areas addressed were security enhancement, improved daylighting and the activation of circulation areas along with system and lighting upgrades. A new logo for the school instilled a new sense of pride. Alloy5 helped the district acquire a $2 million ACE grant for the project. Today, Paxinosa is a LEED-certified facility and a benchmark for other district facilities.