Lower Pottsgrove Municipal Building

Lower Pottsgrove Municipal Building

Pottsgrove, PA

Proximity to Philadelphia pushed the population of Lower Pottsgrove Township to new heights heading into the new millennium. As existing residential properties were converted for commercial uses, township officials worked with the American Institute of Architects Community Design Collaborative to develop standards for future development.

Lower Pottsgrove Township
Architecture, Interiors
Square Footage
16,000 square feet

The resulting Sanatoga Village District overlay aims to retain the community’s historic character along the busy High Street corridor by creating compatibility through paving, signage, landscaping, lighting and other streetscape elements. At the heart of the Sanatoga Village District, in an area designated as the Village Center, Lower Pottsgrove Township purchased several properties to create a new municipal campus for police and administrative functions.


Recognizing the township’s prominent location and ability to serve as an example of its own standards, the new municipal campus is designed to create a community link between the administration and police department. Administration offices run parallel to High Street while the police offices round out the corner along South Pleasant Road. A double-sided shared entrance draws visitors from the sidewalk and parking lot and directs them to either function while upholding security and privacy. Separate parking for police vehicles is aided by a covered canopy. Green space at the key intersection is left open for monument opportunities.