Executive Education Academy Charter School

Executive Education Academy Charter School

Allentown, PA

Launched in the 2014-15 academic year, Executive Academy aims to develop children into leaders with a unique student-corporate culture that flows both inside and outside the classroom. Sports, and especially it’s promotion of teamwork, is seen as integral to the educational experience. Executive Academy occupies two of five buildings left on the site of a former Western Electric plant. Built in 1947, the space has been adapted to meet the charter school’s needs; however, athletic facilities were lacking.

Executive Education Academy Charter School
Architecture, Interiors
Square Footage
16,000 SF
We’re not here to make them great, great basketball players. We’re here to help make them productive members of society.”
Robert Lysek, CEO

Built adjacent to the main entrance, the new facility is a 16,000 SF, 1,600-seat gymnasium designed for multiple sports, including basketball and volleyball. The exterior uses metal cladding to mimic the linear style of the existing building while allowing natural light via east and west windows. Inside, Executive Academy’s Raptor logo is emblazoned on the bleachers, at half court and throughout the color scheme to unite the space.