Cottingham Stadium

Cottingham Stadium

Easton, PA

In a word, Easton Area High School football can be described as legendary. The program dates to 1894 and is placed ninth on a national list of high school football teams with the most wins. Almost 20,000 fans come out to watch the Red Rovers face rival Phillipsburg in an annual Thanksgiving Day game.

Easton Area School District
$13.3 Million
Cottingham Stadium is a revered place within the realm of Easton sports and within the community in general.”
John Reinhart, Superintendent Easton Area School District

Cottingham Stadium is seen as a treasure of Easton’s West Ward neighborhood. Concrete bleachers place fans close to the field and create an intimidating atmosphere for visiting teams. Inside the fieldhouse, generations of Red Rovers have carved their names and jersey numbers into wooden benches and hung their equipment from rusted pegs and nails. Cottingham is tough, rugged and authentically Easton, just like the football players who call it home. However, at 94 years old, the stadium is badly in need of a facelift.


The new stadium is influenced by the school’s alma mater and integrates the lyrics into design elements like the entrance, walkway, hall of fame, home stands and visitor bleachers. A red and black color scheme is carried through brick and pavers to match the school colors.