Cheston Elementary School

Cheston Elementary School

Easton, PA

Ada Cheston became a teacher shortly after her graduation from South Easton High School in 1882. Throughout her 52-year career, Cheston touched the lives of hundreds of Easton area children, encouraging a love of learning and instilling a sense of civic duty.

Easton Area School District
Architecture, Interiors, Branding
Square Footage
109,000 SF
$32 Million

To honor the longtime teacher, Ada B. Cheston Elementary School was founded in 1964 on the South Side. The school served several local dignitaries, including the former school board president and the city’s mayor. Today it is home to about 600 students and is one of three elementary schools in the city limits.


Construction of the new Cheston is part of Easton Area School District’s long-range capital plan to renovate or construct new elementary schools. As an anchor of the neighborhood, Cheston is a true community school. The new building is designed with two separate entrances, one leading to classrooms and one to multi-functional public spaces like the gym. Cheston will also feature a newly school seal as part of the district’s rebranding.