Healthy Design. Honest Collaboration. Hard Work.

These are the principles around which we’ve built our firm.

Alloy5 was founded by Michael Metzger and Randy Galiotto, two licensed architects who believe great things are possible when people work together. Our team of architects and designers is cross-trained in business information modeling and graphic design.

The team assigned to your project is hand-selected to match the experience and skillsets which best meet your needs. Your team remains attached to your project from job kick-off meeting to ribbon-cutting.

Let’s do great things together.

Meet the Team

We set out to build a team. We look for talent that understands how to work together.”

Randy Galiotto, AIA

The New Approach

FIVE Guide

The success of a project hinges on good communication. As architects, we use drawings to communicate, but we understand that floor plans aren’t always easy to read. To better communicate with our clients, Alloy5 has created the Full Installment of Visual Elements project reference book.

We call it the FIVE Guide.


The FIVE Guide serves as a record of a project from concept to completion. It includes all five stages of design and every change along the process. The FIVE Guide is updated during bi-monthly project meetings. It is user-friendly and easy to follow.


All team members – from designers, engineers and facility operators to small business owners, superintendents and project managers – receive the same information in the same order at the same time.


Each FIVE Guide includes floor plans with layout options, elevations, 3D views, renderings and interior finishes. Together, this paints a realistic and accurate picture of a project before construction even starts.

Value Management

Architects and accountants often exist on opposite ends of a project, but the team at Alloy5 sees spreadsheets as equally as important as schematics. We know that every inch on our drawings represents dollars in your budget, and we work to ensure clients receive maximum value from basement to rooftop.

Value management is our thoughtful process that blends design solutions with cost estimating. We review cost deficiencies, compare alterations, additions and new construction and review how each option impacts the operating budget on a line-by-line basis. We seek to identify ways a facility can earn money by creating flexible, shared spaces with potential for multiple uses.

Our goal is to keep a project simple, economical and focused on completion. We provide designs that make sense functionally, economically and aesthetically.

Our space showcases who we are as a firm. Collaboration is inherent to our work.”

Michael Metzger, AIA

The Drafthouse


Our building was purchased in 2016 after it sat vacant and boarded for several years. Our team was quick to assess the needs of the existing structure and began planning its rebirth.

Exteriors were repaired, and windows were replaced. Our floorplan complements our team philosophy with large spaces for frequent collaboration. Alloy5’s brand is carried in subtle details like our signature green accents and geometric patterns covering the floor and front windows.

Today, the Drafthouse stands strong in the community while representing exactly who we are: mature, detailed-oriented planners and executers of clean, modern design.