Graphic Design Projects

Our work is a reflection of our clients’ spirit. We translate their vision using clear and simple graphic interpretations. Our goal is to create a strategy, accompanied by unique, quality imagery to launch a mission or support an established brand.

Alloy5 Graphic Design Projects

Senator David Carlucci Media

We were approached by a David's Campaign Manager about creating various designs for his upcoming campaign run.

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Heath Design Strategy Lab

In late 2014, we had the pleasure of creating a logo for Heath Design Strategy Lab, which was a newly-formed consultant group specializing in workplace strategy and design for law firms and corporate clients. They needed a look that was simple but bold. The end result achieves this with a striking color and clean font that is complementary without being overbearing.

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Cedar Ridge Nursery

We were approached in early 2013 by CRN, Inc. to take a stab at refreshing their logo. Given full creative freedom, we quickly came up with several concepts for review. From the initial sketch until the final illustration, we worked closely with the owner to refine their look.

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